12 - Baldur Picture

The thirteenth card in the major arcana is the Hanged Man, no. 12.

I chose Baldur for the Hanged Man because he is killed in a sort of betrayed way.

As I previously described in Hodur's card... Baldur's death was caused by Loki, who was his half-brother. The Hanged Man is also known as the Traitor, but being that Loki will be featured on a different card, I chose Baldur in his stead as the betrayed.

Baldur is the god of light, joy and peace. I wanted his clothes and hair to reflect as much. The black, shadowy line wrapped around him is to allude to the second part of his death story:

All of the Ӕsir were so sad that Odin sent Hermod on Sleipnir to ride to Hel's place in Niflheim, to beg for Baldur's return.

"If all things weep for Baldur, he will return to the living. But if even one thing does not weep, he will remain with me forever."

Hermod returned to the Ӕsir with this knowledge, and they began to go out and spread the word, saying, "Weep! Baldur has been slain." And everyone wept for Baldur.

On their way back to Asgard, they passed along a Mountain Giant woman sitting by the side of the road and hailed her, saying, "Weep! For Baldur has been slain." But she rose and replied, "My eyes will remain dry. Let Hel keep her prey."

Thus Baldur is to remain in the underworld, not to emerge until after Ragnarök, when he and his brother Hodur will be reconciled and rule the new earth together with Thor's sons.

And so Baldur is hung by Hel's chilly, dark grasp.

The card itself is made of ash wood. The darker ash for the main body of the card is an overlaid stain. The character is painted on parchment. Everything was done in PS. (Check my
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