Demi-God 27 Anubis Picture

Anubis is the God of mummification and Judgement in the Underworld.

One of the Underlords and brother to Horus, Anubis is a powerful Jackal creature with the power to siphon souls from the damned. Anubis judges sinners at the gates of hell after Death delivers them to him. He removes their heart, which appears as a Hitodama, or spirit orb, and he then weighs it against a single phoenix feather. If the heart is heavier than the feather then he devours the heart using the crocodile demon Ammit which is fused with his own body before sending the sinner on to Shroud for final judgement and placement in Hell.

Anubis is also a powerful fighter, he can use a portion of someone's soul to know their tactics and therefore fight like them or know what to avoid from them. He can drain life force with a single touch and is immune to most physical harm, being able to reattach limbs if they are removed in an instant. Ammit packs a wallop with his bite and tail and last but not least, Anubis's scales, named "The scales of Justice" can be used as a weapon. It is said that it's true power is to always tip the tides of battle in Anubis's favor by altering reality.

Anubis, though a lord of death, is a very kindhearted creature and always judges fairly. Though he does not take people's word for it (He's been lied to too many times) he will always make sure that you face proper trial to your sins.

Anubis fights with an army of Jackal beasts and mummified soldiers when not fighting himself, and his clerics are often times healers and Funeral Directors. It is believed that Anubis has been in a relationship with Bastet, His mother, and does everything in his position to protect her. When she died he was devastated and led a war against Lucifer for quite some time in Hell, only stopping after Lucifer was sealed away. He respects Shroud and is willing to give his life for him. He has not yet realized that Bastet survives on within Katrina.

Anubis was difficult. I wanted to go with something different but still stick to the normal "Jackal man" sort of thing. So I just exaggerated on the "Undead" portion and combined him with Ammit, the soul eating crocodile. TO make him more menacing.

One more down only.... 13 to go... almost done.. FINALLY, XD.

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