::C o c y t u s:: Picture

Alma Karma | Yuu Kanda [D.Gray-Man - Katsura Hoshino]

Cocytus means "The river of Wailing|Lamentation"
and is a river in the underworld in Greek Mythology~

#01: DGM Chapter 192-193 "A hand reaching out to the sky~ It resembles the destiny of a lotus flower~"
#02: Emery - Churches and Serial Killers
#03: IAMX - Tear Garden

Meh~ The spoilers STILL aren't out and there's some people saying,
the main RAW provider just gave up on us?
Which probably means the chapter will be released and THEN we'll get to see it...
So...no spoilers at all? TTATT
I'm starting to get nervous >.>

First, you can surely tell why I drew Alma's hands like this...
Holy crap, he just ripped them off to get away? OAO *in chapter 193*
And then go save Yuu-chan~ ;___;
This Chapter just freaked me out in many ways~

Another thing~ I love twisted things and ideas~
That's why the hands in the womb-holes,
that supposedly should reach out for the sky,
are actually hanging from heaven,
pointing down to the earth, filled with lotuses.
So everything is upside down, twisting Heaven and Underworld~
Since the power Alma and Kanda have, the one of regeneration,
Is a never ending circle of Life and Death~

Second~ Emery is a great band and hell! Even the title fits the current situation in DGM
*if Alma can be called a serial killer XD*
Anyway, the lyrics to this specific song attracted my attention~
To recall all the footsteps in the hall, with our loose lips.
Chemicals in the bloodstream. Start the surgery.
Take care not to hurt me.
Brush the skin; blood involved.
Lose the voice.
She rejoices if I'm all alone.
Beauty takes more than anything.
But I can't stop whats inside of me~

Third~ Another great song, this time from IAMX~
At our road, we connected through,
The biology of universal cruelty,
Send me home, return me to a lonely womb~
And then the tears cried in the tear garden,
Will be for life~

Sketch: 0.5 Mechanic Pencil on A3 Aquarelle Paper
Time: 7 hours~
Color: Photoshop Cs3, Wacom Tablet
Time: 6 hours~
Sketch found in Scrapbook
Most Textures: =Sirius-sdz

Anyway I was trying to get away from a "drawing"-depression or something of that sort~
I just didn't want to draw for a longlong while -__-~p
But seems like I'm feeling a bit better right now~
Still not satisfied with this picture but w/e~
Just did it to force myself to draw again...
Oh and I left the various paintings and details in this Womb-chamber out~
Too much work~ Too little patience~
Oh and here you can see blood all over the womb-holes.__.
Which means either Kanda or Alma *most probably actually* killed them @^@
Poor things~

BTW! Did a bit of research and with the help of
various posts from other people here and there
Found out that the symbol on Alma's and Kanda's chest
Can be read "Garbha" and "Aum" in India
Which can mean "Embryo|Womb|Pregnancy" and "The infinite Circle of Birth-Life-Death" respectively!
Now THAT explains a lot!
Hoshino-san really had the plot in her head from the beginning of the story~
Plus now Alma can officially get pregnant 8D
*and he wants Kanda's babies XD*
*gets bricked*

And pray with me that we will be blessed with spoilers soon~
Anyway goodnight~ It's damn 4am. here *cry*
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