Cerberus Picture

Meh. I wasn't going to post this, being that I basically had to copy the position and everything off of a card which is totally against my art ethics unless it's practice or fanart (it is practice, but I don't usually post the practice ones.) But ~Silver-Fenril wanted me to post it, so I am.

Well, see, I have a mythology project to do for latin- my Latin teacher actually put me in a group (it's supposed to be an individual project) with another kid who got the underworld guys, specificially Cerberus, Charon, and the river Styx. I got Hades. Well, we all know I can't draw people, but he can. So we decided to do a sort of art trade- I do Cerberus for him, he does Hades for me. Everyone wins. But this was just practice to get a feel for it. So there. By the way, I know that Cerberus is supposed to have a mane of snakes- he didn't want any on this picture for some reason.

I'm in a crappy mood. David did that stupid thing again where he gets into a bad mood and has to make everyone as miserable as himself, so now we cant go out to dinner and my mom is yelling at me to write some thank-you notes. And this keyboard sucks, the keys press too soft, I cant tell if it's actually typing anything or not. Just thought I give you a pointless update on my life because I can.

I think the far left head is the best. The one that looks like its throwin up or something.
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