Persephone's pain Picture

"Under the veil of a sweet girl's innocent face

Lies a deep sadness and a heart full of sorrow

Taken away from Demeter's loving arms

Into the crevice of Hades Domain

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall

Time will continue to fly on by

Whither then will hope be reserved"

I drew Persephone from Greek mythology, if you don't know the story, her mother was the Greek Goddess Demeter (goddess of harvesting, and seasons). She was in a meadow when she was kidnapped by Hades and raped. In this picture, she is pregnant.

She ate the fruit of the underworld, and she had to live there to be Hades queen. Only on spring and summer she is with her mother, but fall and winter is when she is with Hades. (mother's happiness and grief changes seasons look it up).
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