Brunhilde Picture

Her life story is a big bag of suck. (taken from an actual story from norse mythology)

"A mighty female warrior, one of the Valkyries, and a heroine from the German epics, especially in the Nibelungen saga, in which she is a Icelandic princess. She defied Odin and in punishment he imprisoned her within a ring of fire on earth, decreeing that there she would remain until a brave hero rescued her. Siegfied (Sigurd) braved the fire, broke her charmed sleep, and fell in love with her. He gave her the ring, Andvarinaut, unaware of its curse. Eventually she kills herself when she learns that Sigurd had betrayed her with another woman (Gudrun), not knowing he had been bewitched into doing so by Grimhild."

Also, it seems another guy, Gunnar, was supposed to be the one to rescue her, but he asked Sigurd to do it, so Sigurd Gunnar's form and did it himself. What a lame face.

Yeah... that kind of sucks, and it's partly because of that ring, (this is where I start making stuff up for my story btw) which her soul is tied to afterwords. She chats it up with the goddess of the underworld, Hel, and she agrees to give her body back, but only as a servant of the ring's owner. Too bad for Fredryk. :[

If no one holds the ring, she has no physical existence, which is kinda hard to keep doing since the owners keep dying because of it's curse.

She has no compassion towards her owners, much rather hating most for the things they make her do. Fredryk doesn't really know what to do with her, so she decides to have fun with him, filling his mind with evil thoughts. Bad news for him since he's already got the ring's curse to deal with.

Name: Brunhilde
Age: A number I can't count to
Race: Valkyrie
Gender: Female
Birthday: No clue

Height: 6'6''
Weight: Good luck with that
Hair Color: Platinum Blonde
Hair Style: Straight and loose
Eye color: Crimson Red
Skin Color: Pale
Abnormalities: She's freaking scary when she wants to be.
Accessories: Helmet and armor.
Clothing: So far, all I've done is just her underclothes, or what goes under her armor. Still working on the design.

Personality: Mad at the world... wouldn't mind seeing it burn. Very sensitive about what happened to her, usually violent about it. Cocky, laid back, likes messing with people's heads. Still has a good side, but it's been crammed so far into the back of her mind, she has forgotten that it's even there.

Abilities: Is summoned through a ring of fire with used of the ring, otherwise she just hangs around inside it, whispering things to the owner. No one else can hear her except for the holder of the ring. Can choose to reveal herself to non-magic beings at will. Can summon flames to create explosions and what not (learned it from a few fire giants). Super human of course, being a former Valkyrie.

Weapons: Just her spear, which at this point has no name because I'm still working on it.

Hopefully, I'll get a better pic of her up here. She's fun to draw.
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