Veles - the hipster god Picture

... cause he's so underground :0

Ahem. So I've been doing silly designs of minor gods, but this one is very major.
I don't even know where to begin. Well yeah, first of all god of the underworld(nav'), thought he was an important persona on earth(yav') and the upper world(prav'). He kinda sat at the roots of the world's tree.

This slavic god here also was the protector of cattle, when is opponent Perun was the protector of farmers. If Perun was more of patron to the heroes, warriors and kings, then Veles was more like helping out the peasants, witch-doctors and the local Finnics in ancient Russia.

Veles was also the god of magic, trickery, travellers, wealth and many other things.
You can't pick one totem animal for him... Just no. Snake is one of the most important ones cause he was seen as a serpent creature at times. The second most important is the bull. Basically pagans didn't imagine him without horns and a long beard, but I kinda couldn't find a way to make a beard fit with this character design.

Then also him being the bear because it intertwines with a story where he stole Perun's wife, she got away, but begged her hubby not to punish Veles much. Cause she's just such a sweetheart and nice. Perun though turned the handsome god into a bear for all summer's so that he would not seduce his wife. So basically Veles is also a werewolf god.

That mega flute the girl is holding is also his important attribute cause he's also the god of music. Ohgod, why does he have so much responsibilities?! D: But his favourite flute kinda got smashed by Perun...

Veles was also associated with waters and really disliked fire and thunder, thought in his serpent form could spit fire.

Also he loves milk very much :I and fried eggs.
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