Caffe Latte Picture

Anya and Angelique from TG!

A recently not brilliant idea: I will contrive a series of images that will be difficult to paint* and then I will become super good after I paint them**. 8D

*May cause suicide.
**Results may vary.

This is Unreasonably Difficult Idea 1 of 3.

Daniel Smith watercolor paint on Arches 140lb Cold Press + photoshop where the Unreasonably Difficult Idea became an Impossibly Difficult Idea.

Titled for the color scheme. ^^ And for their colors. Everyone has a color. Not so much like an aura. More like colors have cultural meanings. A person's life can be summed up in colors. Angelique's colors are dark browns and olive greens (dirt, shaded undergrowth, life, also characteristic of TG's Underworld, humanity's better colors.) Anya's colors are arctic white and vermilion (purity, mourning, loss, blood.) These colors have other meanings to other people, maybe these meanings come from from a personal mythology.

Anya and Angelique were never really meant to end up together. I created Angelique to facilitate a place for discussion in the comic, and then she turned into her own developed character. She sort of ended up being a beautiful key to a bunch of uglier doors (like Anya's story, for instance.)

I was thinking this winter I would maybe try and draw a short extra comic about Anya and Angelique. They aren't together yet in comic and won't be until after TG is complete, but they have several stories between them that happen long before Anya finds a lost pug girl sprinting through a rainy street.

Caffè Latte is the combination of two decent beverages into something much better. ^^
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