Hel Picture

After a week of slacking off completely, I began reading up on Norse Mythology, partially inspired by Neil Gaiman's integration of it into Sandman. Particularly, the end - the Fimbulvetr, the three consecutive winters, the fight. Most Gods kill and are killed - and mentioned - but Hel is not. She was cast down into the underworld because of her parentage, made to serve those who did not die in battle, but otherwise - sickness, old age. Surely less glorious.
Taking my interpretation of her story, I tried to portray what her role would be in the very end, during the battle. I think she'd be escaping, actually. She has no restrains, for all are busy in the bloodshed. She finally has a choice, in the very end, and she leaves. But the path through the deep snows is hard on dead, moldering feet, and she never makes it. Most don't make it either.

I know that there are things off in the painting, but I sort of had to rush it before they kicked me out of the Art room under the premises of graduation >.>

Oil on canvas with an acrylic base.
Stock used: [link] -> Mjranum Stock
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