H: Silly Gods filler Picture

The page is scanned but not clean, so just in case I don't finish it tonight here's a lovely sketch.

These are basically the main gods that you will want to look up to understand what's going on in the comic. You will also want to look up Ra and Apep, but they're not the recreational type so I left 'em out.

The kitten is Meuty, a veeeery minor underworld gate-guardian god whose name literally means meow. Bastet has hordes of kittens following her around, so I had to have at least one be an important character. Right? Besides, d'awwwwwwwww...

Set is being a naughty person. But he's not actually hurting anyone so they can't banish him for it. Loopholes!

Just in case you wanted the rest, there's Nepthys, Osiris, and Isis in the back left, Thoth, Ma'at, and Anubis in the back right, and Horus and Hathor at the bottom. That's right, Horus is married to a COW. She's pretty cool, actually. So cool in fact that sometimes Sekhmet's work is attributed to her by mistake. And by sometimes I mean on half the websites ever, because seriously people need to stop making websites if they are not going to do their research. There are enough sites already so stop confusing us with your wrongness.
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