Reaper Picture

My newest character that i doodled up in my math book xD
he has a bit of a dark background, along with some greek mythology stuff kinda in there


Name: Reaper
Nickname(s): none
Gender: Male
Species: Bird/Death Reaper(?) of the Underworld
Personality: Emotionless
Likes: Nothing
Dislikes: Nothing
Background: Was once an actual person on Earth (during the Bubonic Plague [aka Black Death] during the 14th century), before he jumped off a building and landed head-first on the road, since he was diagnosed with the disease and didnt want to go through the living conditions of the hospitals, which is why he has the crack markings on his head and the spot markings on his tail. Being infected with this disease, the God of the Underworld, Hades, made him one of the many Death Reapers under his control in the Underworld.
Other: Communicates through clicking, screeching, and hissing. Doesnt show interest in anything or anyone.

Art and character/species(?) belongs to ~AutumnMiracles
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