Hades and Persephone Picture

I felt like drawing some greek mythology related stuff, with the launch of my myth comic, "Turn to Stone" The hero of the story will have to take a trip to the underworld at some point in the story, a lot of greek myths do this and I wanted to toy with the tradition.

This is how Hades and Persephone are going to look in the comic. They're my favorite gods so I have to throw them in there somehow.I decided to make Hades slightly demonic and have Persephone be a little on the childish side with a few hints of scary ruthlessness. She did turn Hades' mistress, Menthe, into a mint plant, after all. And that's why there's no mention of him ever cheating on her again.

With this pose, I imagine they just noticed a certain intruder waltz into the room. Ha!
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