The Sun rough draw Picture

I want to post it even though it's a rough draw because it's special to me. ;__;

It's kind of for two projects.
*theGorgonist has been assembling an underworld themed art book!
And ~~~~
*Cinnamoron and I have designs on producing our own tarot deck. ><

Neither of these things are for sure totally definitely happening, but I really hope they happen!!!

The Sun tarot and a book of underworld art are kind of at odds with each other I guess, but I knew if I ever did tarot cards I would want them to be a sort of personal mythology, written in visual language that speaks to me. The Sun is traditionally a happy card that symbolizes joy and dream and sky and achievement and enlightenment. But in my own life, I feel like whatever joy or dream I achieve comes only after huge sacrifice. Nothing is ever easy or given to me. I feel like for everything that matters to me, I've had to commit to the dream, jump off the cliff, and shred little pieces of that dream out through slits between bars and then piece the shreds back together and make something of it.

For this reason, I HATE the Sun tarot.

It carries such a powerful feeling for me, I wanted to draw it.

Every day, the sun rises and then is yanked back down again into the sea. It spends all its energy, only to die again daily. Nothing short of death could give the sun peace. Nothing short of the sun could feed life into the underworld.

So here are Vidu, the sun, and Sedna, the sea, achieving a thing together that should have been but can't be because the sacrifice is too much. If their lives had been a little different, maybe this would have happened. But as things are, sea and sky can touch only distantly on the horizon, never here and never now.

Someday massive chapter 3 of this comic will be done and then this image will have more meaning behind it.
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