Ragnarok Picture

Here comes one of my favourite works for the moment. I'm usually vey generous with myself and love most of my drawings, yet this is special presumably because it was done in a deep depression As usual, my scanner managed to do his best in mixing the colours up *sigh* The paper used to be more creamy and less yellowy, and pencilwork isn't usually that grey(
Most of the work was done in Germany in June-July of 2008. The ravens *or, rather, crows* and the cliff on the right were finished this summer. All the scene inspired by БашняRowan's song 'Ragnarok' ,who were, dare suppose, in their turn strongly affected by the Elder Edda. Actually, in the August 2008 I saw with my own eyes how fjords actually look like... But as long it's a sort of underworld, it's not necessary to make fjords be as they should be *yes yes I'm a cheater* I know that Nagelfahr is going to crush the cliffs, but I can't help it:a huge thing of this sort would eventually hit some cliffs here or there *crap I must have used wikipedia to check the names >.<* Perhaps, it has some ability of avoiding the obstacles, like the bus from the Harry Potte series could?))
June 2008 - July 2009
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