Story Of Persephone :SASUHINA: Picture

Hades - Sasuke
Persephone - Hinata

This is BASED off of a REAL GREEK MYTH (there are many different versions) but this story is edited to match up for a contest.

.: Panel One ~ The Temptation:.

One day long ago Sasuke, Ruler of the Underworld, came up to the surface world. Per chance, he sees a young goddess painting flowers, this young being was Hinata, Goddess of innocence and spring. He was in aw of her beauty. How the light seemed to radiate off her, and her joy over the simplest of things was mesmerizing. He had to make her his wife. So he went to her father to do so.

.: Panel Two ~ The Kidnaping:.

One day, as Hinata was planting flowers a odd bush pops up. It was one she had never seen before, so she thought it was a weed and began to pull it out. As soon as the roots left the dirt, a giant whole made its way into the ground, so deep you couldn't see the bottom. A hand reached and grab Hinata. No matter how much Hinata plead or yelled, sasuke would not let go of his new wife, taking her down with him to the underworld.

.: Panel Three ~ Taking Notice:.
In this panel, Sasuke Is begging for Hinata to eat something, Trying to give her the riches of his world just to make her happy, Hinata refuses time and time again. She was originally angry and hurt by him taking her away from the plants and the her loving mother, but she starts to notice how hard he is trying to please her, how much he cares, how right now he is begging her to eat, because she hasn't eaten in months. It amazes her how a man of so much more power than her own, the ruler of the underworld, a man who scares everyone, is bending his will and begging for her. She starts to fall for him, and the pomegranate starts to tempt her stomach as well. She eats only six seeds, knowing that now she will have to stay with him, never to see sunlight again

.: Panel Four ~ Happly Ever After?:.

Due to debate between Two great Gods (Her Mother and Sasuke) it had been decided that hinata must be on earth for six months of the year, than must travel down to the underworld and stay with her husband, for the next six months. Hinata is now happily married with Sasuke, Living with him those six months, like a joyful loving couple. He still does what ever he can to please her, love overwhelming his heart. You could never tell by looking the story these two shared.


So Why Hades and Persephone?

Okay, well let me start out saying Hades is my favorite Greek god. I think this story actually matches up perfectly with them as a couple, Sasuke's not really one to woo, lives in somewhat of a depressive world and well, people think Sasuke is scary at times.

More importantly Hades is the ONLY Greek god who is married and HAS NEVER slept around, cheated or lied to his wife. He always tries to keep his wife happy, look at the story of Orpheus, and I want Hinata to be married to a guy like that.

Hinata Seems like how i see Persephone as well. She once being a young childish kid, had become a remarkable beauty. Her purity was never tarnished, and even as Queen of the underworld, she stayed true to herself, being helpful and kind to others. She also never cheats on her husband (That is why I did not choose Aphrodite....)


Drawn by - Seria
Characters from Naruto
Characters Belong to - Masashi Kishimoto
Story From Greek Mythology


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