Intruder Picture

This is a scene I've adapted from the story of Orpheus. The characters are based on people from Greek mythology, though I've made a few changes. From left to right, Orpheus, Styx, Hades, Persephone.

Story: After his wife, Eurydice, dies, Orpheus journeys to the Underworld to get her back. He plays his lyre so beautifully that Styx (who, in my version, is the personification of the river Styx and ferries souls across the river like Charon), agrees to take him across the river even though he is still alive. Once they get across, he begs Hades and Persephone to give him Eurydice's soul back. When stops playing, the spell-like charm the music held over Styx breaks. She is angry with herself to being tricked, so she knocks Orpheus down and threatens him. Persephone, however, is intrigued, and asks Hades to give Eurydice back.

Other pictures form Greek mythology:

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