Vainovalkea Picture

Gasp, it's a random character!
This is Vainovalkea ("Persecution fire"; "valkea" is also synonyme to "valkoinen" which means white, but in this context valkea is fire), a character higly inspired by The Swan of Tuonela. Tuonela is a place from Finnish mythology, the underworld/realm of the dead, and there's a black river, the home of the Swan of Tuonela. Also word vainovalkea is from Finnish mythology and it means fire that's related to war. Vainovalkea can be a smoke or fire that warns people about enemies, but in some tales Vainovalkeas are campfires of soldiers ("war fires") or fire of burning buildings.

The picture is drawn with Ms Paint and Photoshop CS3 (and mouse). Maybe about 1,5 hours spent with this.

© me/Saranna, no touchies.
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