Destroyer of Light 24 Picture

So now we know where Persephone got her ideas of The Lady Beneath The Earth from (the name is inspired by the Mesopotamian goddess Ereshkigal, whose name means "great lady under earth". At first I was going to use the name The Lady Of The Labyrinth that appears in Linear B tablets, but decided to use something that more clearly points to the Underworld instead).

It was very fun but also quite tricky to draw Persephone's room. I've always imagined it to be very untidy, (since Sephy probably is the most messy of all my main characters) but it's difficult to create clutter in an ancient Greek room because people didn't have so many belongings back then.

Hm, I realized just now that it could be a bit confusing that they say good morning to each other in the last panel. We're still left in the flashback.
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