Monster Month Finale - The Blackbone Bristleback Picture

"The warriors raise their spears, shutters shut snug, the ground trembles in harmony with the chilling of bones in the backs of man and diety alike, as the black shadow hunches, licking its maw as it hungers once again.

The blood curdling sounds of its growl and bones rattling, as its previous supper slips through the gaps in its ribcage. Smooth, clean bones of men and beast fall to the ground, each smelling of putrid juices.

The Blackbone Bristleback walks once again."

"The ancient ones called it the Niunkuanvanva. They described the beast as the very bowels of hell sitting sturdy on 6 limbs."

Species: Niunkuanvanva (NEE-uhn-kwan-van-vah)
Genus: Acid Terradragon
Form: Flesh, scales
Element: Poison + Fire

Height: 40'
Weight: 100,000 lbs

Disposition: Manevolent; Danger Rank S10
Habitat: Open Fields, Deep Caves
Diet: Anything it can swallow whole

Mob: There only exists one.

Sex: Asexual, does not produce. Also immortal.

(statistics based on 0-20)
Strength: 20
Fortitude: 20
Intellect: 19
Agility: 15
Magic: 20

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