AGAFG 25 Picture

Page twentyfive. This was also sketched during my stay in Uppsala.

It was said that if something (or someone) was thrown into Tartaros, it would fall for nine days and nights before it reached the bottom. In my story, that's just one of all the exaggerations about the Underworld, but Tartaros is still a quite deep hole. No echos of the stone reach Melito's ears.

Unfortunately, she caught the attention of one of the Erinyes, the three ancient sisters of vengeance living in the Underworld. They work for Hades and have the responsibility for Tartaros. They can also be called upon to avenge certain crimes (like homicide and perjury). They're not exactly evil, but certainly not to play with (though they would love to play with you).
In short, Melito is in big trouble.
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