Persephone leaving Picture

Hopefully you all are familliar with the legend of Persephone and I do not mean the big breasted 2 dimensional Matrix reloaded character, but the mythological Persephone, daughter of the goddes of earth and forced wife of Hades, the lord of the underworld.
If not, ask me then I'll tell. In any case this is a scene where she says goodbye to nature after spending six months above the ground, in the woods with her mother. It is time for her to leave the surface and go back to her husband for another 6. Because of her departure nature will go gray with sorrow and the earth shall be cold, untill next year when her comeback is celebrated trough spring. She is the reason for the coming of seasons and nothing is more sad then watching her leave.

Now for the technical details:

Persephone is based on a stock photo by ~KasStock and the rest was done in PS7 in a relatively short time.
The work is not finished, I have no strenght to work on the details right now, so I'm uploading the raw version. Maybe one day I'll finish it. For now I'll leave it the way it is.

Anyway, that's about it.
Favs and comments are always appreciated. Have a great weekend.
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