Sun-Eater Picture

Bleh. So not what I thought this would look like when I finished the sketch. But then coloring just slid downhill with me realizing so many stupid things on the way. Ah Live in learn.

So I was talking about my love of Egyptian Mythology with a friend of mine, and was felling a hankering to draw some smexy snake woman. So this is a representation of Apep, who was considered the sun eater, as he would every night do battle with Ra, the Sun -- Intending to eat him. Ancient Agyptians believed that the world would end when he ate Ra. However as the sun continued to rise each day, Ra defeated the monster each night. But being a god himself, he always respawned. Just Ra's luck. I originally intend to draw a girl version of Apep but then...she is a rather boring Lamia to be an all powerful demon god. So she is just a snake demon licking a statue of ra in the underworld.

Bleh...Rendering practice is practice. I am doing that thing where I alternate personal work with commissions so next up is my next commission.
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