Something Very Important 2 Picture

A dialogue between the gods Zeus and Hades, page two of four (finally I'm back home and can ink those pages that I sketched over two weeks ago).

The ancient Greek concept of the underworld evolved over time. In the oldest descriptions all the dead, no matter if they were good or bad, descended into the dark and dismal realm that was variously called Erebos, the Asphodel Fields or the House of Hades. Tartaros was just the prison house of the titans, a great pit lying as far beneath Hades' realm as the earth beneath the sky.

Later the concept of judgement was introduced. Tartaros now became a type of hell where the souls of the wicked were punished. There was also a paradiselike realm, Elysion (or the Elysian Fields or the Islands of the Blessed), reserved for the great heroes and the virtuous. The Asphodel Fields remained to take the rest.

Hades is not quite happy with the present system. This isn't what he came to Zeus to discuss, but it is an issue of great importance to him. He takes his job very seriously.
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