Bloodstained Axe poster Picture


Is so tired and unmotivated so instead of writing a journal I write shortly here.

I've had 8 hard weeks at school. Two hard classes that was a challenge to pass. And out of the ashes into the fire! for the next 2 months I'll be working in Maya Autodesk! Its seems like school wants me to have no sparetime!

And on top of that I've been involved in a feature film which has take up every weekend the past 6 weeks. After today just one weekend is left of shooting though. After that a long period of post production awaits.

AND *sigh* I'll be moving home again in early January. After that move I hope things will calm down.
I just realised that I haven't submitted anything new since the middle of october. and before that my recents works was submitted in August.

I must think and see what I can do about things...

oh well. BTW about the artwork! Its a poster I made for a RPG game we made at school! The game is based upon the north mythology. The character here is the Godess Hel, queen of the underworld and of the dead.
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