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The Fourth casts a Jutsu and Naruto's nightmarish vision comes to and end! But, that's not the Dead Demon Consuming Seal... and, why do tears cascade down Naruto's face? It was just a dream... right?


And it was all just a dream! The End!!!

Naw just kidding! This is only the begining!

OKAY now that you've all discovered it's a 'dream' (HEH.HEH.HEH), I can tell you that the last several pages were infact the basis of my entire doujinshi. The images of Naruto experiencing Kyuubi's motions, feelings and thoughts, itself, came into my head quite randomly. Originaly this doujinshi was going to be a fanfic but... as you can see, things turned out differently!

'Izanagi' is a founding god in japanese mythology; he and his wife 'Izanami' created the land and some of their children are deities- but his wife was lost to the underworld. Now 'Izanami' takes lives whilst 'Izanagi' gives lives. Thus the name for the attack. (Sorry if the japanese is wrong though!) I spent ages reading up on japanese mythology today, can you tell?

Now you can all REALLY wonder what happens next!

(though might I suggest breakfast, he's just woken up afterall)

Tell me what you think!
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