''The Black Valkyrie'' a.k.a. Lady Death Picture

So yea, idea I came up with.

Valkyrie were female warriors of sorts that were appointed with the task of deciding who went where after dying in battle. ( ex: If a warrior died nobly in combat, he would ascend to Valhalla I believe. Yet if someone died a cowardly death or anything of the sort, they went to the underworld. I don't know all the details so correct me if I am a tad wrong but I think this is the gist of it.)

Sooo, I came up with a design that I'd like to make a cosplay of. "The Black Valkyrie" is my idea of a valkyrie appointed to oversee the underworld specifically. Either that or just a nick name for the female personification of Death, since she would in-turn still be a decider of who goes where and who deserves what post-death.

Anywho, just an idea for a costume I thought be rather eye catching. ^u^ Let me know what you all think~


Design (c) ~ReiGodric
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