A Merchant of Secrets Picture

Original Character Ref
Paint Tool SAI / Photoshop CS4

I know it's massive, but please download for a proper view of all text and details!

This took me freaking forever to finish mostly because, once I got started, I couldn't stop adding other perspectives of her and all (headshot, topview), but, golly, I'm really proud of how it turned out after all the time I put into it. Zaillurian Yuka is one of two ourobori original characters that lurk in my brainworld; the other one being Xaelificus Wrim, but he's currently cursed to wander the mortal plane stripped of his powers.. and in the form of a larger than normal raccoon, so.. heh. There's six sites of ancient stone circles that are tucked away in the forests that surround Driftwood Hollow, each of which was once an active portal in between the mortal world and the planes of the underworld, but that's more a part of Xael's story than Yuka's. I'll probably be doing a ref for her ex-mate sometime in the future, mmyeep.

Also, the following tutorial proved to be an invaluable help while I was working on her wings; do check it out: [link] .

Zaillurian Yuka, Ourobori, Artwork (c) Karina Weber (me) / *xX-purplecarrot-Xx
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