Kthanios Picture

I made this on a paint chat. It's a picture of this character I developed off of a roleplay, named Kthanios (preferably just 'Thanios'--people tend to butcher his name)

He's a dead frenchmen who was condemned to burn for eternity in hell, however, he won the trial, and instead was sentenced to guide the lost souls of the underworld (which I refer to as the 'Underground' in these stories) to the capital city. :3
His name wasn't always Kthanios, He used to have an actual name, he actually used to be a very cruel, dirty politician, but after his death*cough*murder*cough*, and him passing over the river Lethe, he lost his memory, as all dead do, and they assigned him a new name at the Capital.

That lamp is his coworker.

This whole 'Underground' thing I have going on is a mashup of mythology and religion, and merely something of an excuse for me to make dead people and daemons.

I like mythology too, so yah.

His eyes---His original eyes were replaced after the trial with these somewhat inverted ones. He goes blind should her venture away from the woods surrounding the Capital city, or the capital city itself, which are both drenched in eternal darkness. .w.;

Hope this didn't clear up any questions you probably didn't have.
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