Anubis Picture

This is my visual interpretation of Anubis. I had been trying to deliberately sketch Him out to display on a page I had written about Anubis for months now, but the representations I was getting never felt quite right. Then one day while idly listening to the television, His form began to emerge on the paper as I was sketching. For the next two days, I worked to complete the drawing, and when I finally did finish I enjoyed it so much that I decided to make it the opening image at my Gallery Wing. Anubis' right hand holds the Egyptian representation and hieroglyph of the word ib, which means "heart," while on His left hand he balances the feather of Ma'at. This symbolizes His role as the reader of the scales in the Underworld. The disc which is rather reminiscent of a halo (indicating divinity, appopriately enough) is inscribed with Anubis' various epithets. From left to right (i.e. clockwise) they read: Anpu - Anubis, im(y) wt - the one in the wt embalming tent, tp(y) dw=f - upon his mountain, nb t3 dsr - Lord of the sacred land. The style of this picture is heavily influenced by the artist Gustav Klimt.
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