Disney Persephone Picture

first of all, for all those people who say Persephone wasn't in anything Disney thats not true. In fact she was in two. she was in a silly symphony titled "Goddess of spring" and she was in fact in the 1997 film "Hercules" as a cameo shot and was also going to be in the tv series but was later scraped. There was two ideas for her in the tv show, the first one was to make her the daughter of Demeter and Hades who constantly has a custody battle over her, the second was to make her a teacher at pro act. If you where to watch some episodes I think they do drop some hints. for example: Hades screeched "I Hate Spring" then killed a flower... now normal people would have just left that as it was apart of the episode decribing that hardly anyone died during spring, but me not being normal had a feeling that it had a second mening behind it... but then again that just me.

so without further a-do tada yes finally I had found a dollmaker that I could get the closest to create Disney Persephone only down side hair's not long enough. So the one on the right is typical Disney the one in the movie. The one the left is the same but more underworld styal... yeah I'd imagine that Hades and Demeter would choose what she would wear then get into an argument about it.
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