Loki's Children Picture

Odin wins Worst Father and Grandfather Award of the year hands down. He lets Loki fall from the Bifrost without even TRYING to catch him.

At least Thor freaked out. Odin was like "No, Loki- Oh oops. He fell."

He uses Loki's son Sleipnir as his HORSE, chained Fenrir to a rock forever because there was some prophecy that Fenrir would kill him someday, and chucked Jormungandr into the Midgard sea for some reason.

The only good thing he ever did was make Hela ruler of the Underworld, but then again he just separated her from Loki.

Loki must have been like "Damn, I'll just stop having children. Odin will probably eat the next one I have."

Okay, end of Loki rant. I might colour the picture. Comment pleeeaaase. The lack of comments are downright depressing.
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