Helheim Picture

Happy Halloween!

Well, I don't really celebrate Halloween, unless two hours of training so that I feel like dying counts as Halloween celebration. But I did draw this, and I thought the atmosphere kind of fits to the time...

Remember my sketch of the Norse mythology ruler of the Underworld, Hel? No? Well, you can find it here: [link]

So this is Hel again, and I did some research on her and found out she is often depicted as and old woman whose upper body is alive and her thighs and legs are dead. Also, half of her body is blue. And I didn't actually find anything on the golden strings of life I drew into her hands (I might be thinking of Greek mythology?). But I've taken liberties with this and I like it this way!

Helheim is the name of Hel's home a.k.a the Underworld. It's actually the place where "the bad people" go when they die, but it's not as much a place of punishmet as it is a place of well, resting.

Colour pencils on black cardboard.


Edit: Took a better photo for your (and my) joy. Cheers again!
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