The Earth World Picture

Ok, lottery is over! :] Thank you, soon I'll pick!

Finally done!
This is painting of Shizuzakka illustrating it's the Earth's world temple from the Earth&Wind alternative mythology of altered Old World.
The Earth - the Earth world is sort of an "Underworld" of the Wind world where is treated as "Upper world". In Earth, there are no water, no plants, trees and such. It's covered by dust, primary metals, rocky elements, covered by ruins and strange primary materia. The "trees" on mountains are no actual trees but magnetic (magnum? sp?) elements. "Snow" is actually a white dust.
The feeling being in Earth is like "there is nothing but materia trash and dust".
So far, this one took me hell of the time. I made world project in digital, so originally I was supposed to create envirnoment/landscapes art in digital...
...but I decided to go with traditional.
I find it's a lot more fun to do with traditional.
I want to support all the way traditional art than overrated digital art. I want to show traditional art is as great as digital.

I love traditional art.

Your opinions, comments what do you think about this picture and critiques are welcomed as always.
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