Persephone In Underland issue1 p.1-4 Picture

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Finally finished and available for purchase! These are first 4 pages of the book. You can actually see the fifth page on my Tumblr (link below). The full comic is 28 pages, black and white, and measures 6.75 inches wide by 10.25 inches tall. All content was written and illustrated by me

plot summary: "A tale based on Greek mythology: Young Persephone, daughter of the harvest goddess Demeter, has been kidnapped by the infamous god of the Underworld: Hades. As the Olympian gods work to secure her release, Persephone decides to meddle in Underworld affairs in order to stir things up for her kidnapper.

"In this issue, Persephone encounters Orpheus who seeks to rescue his deceased wife, Eurydice. Using the mythical power of Orpheus’ song and lyre, Persephone and Orpheus must travel the river Styx to reach the throne of Hades. On their dark and uncertain journey however, at the edge of the afterlife, they will both soon learn the cost of crossing the gods."

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