Hel Reference Picture

Edit: She has three small horns on her muzzle. The front view is a liar. =_=

As the reference says, this is Loki's daughter, Hel.

She was banished to the Shadow Realm by Odin, but when Sen took over and defeated the previous ruler, Nimrod, she was at his mercy. Lucky for her, Carman found her before she had been subject to experimentation.

She rarely appears in "human" form in the story, just like her half brother, Narfi. The two and Fenrir eventually all end up with Carman, to Loki's amusement when they first meet.

Hel is very shy, quiet, reserved, etc. She hates fighting, and isn't as strong as her siblings, though she does see battle alongside Carman.

After her rescue, the only time she appears not as a background character is during one scene in a battle when she saves Carman from a hit to the face, and when Loki first appears she is the focus for a few moments.

She makes many minor appearances, being present at Sen's mansion when Carman talks to Loki, and in the background of a handful of other conversations and battles (where she appears in both beast forms).

Her human form is only seen during some conversations between Carman and Loki, as a background character.

She has very little dialogue (next to none).
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