Hades-Lord of the dead Picture

XD... Ok, I think he looks way too young here but other than that I like it XD

Ok so, what we know about Hades is that he is basically crapped on by everyone because is the Lord of the underworld. BUT He is Lord of ALL of it, not just Tartarus! He oversees everything plus apparently anything thats in the soil is his... so he is hella rich with goodied, treasure and so on. People fear death and so everyone feared Hades, figuring if they mentioned his name he would come for them. But Hermes actually was the one who took souls down to Hades XD...well Charon... who then hosed you for coinage at the bank of the Styx LOL

Despite that and the whole kidnapping thing, he was a very good husband to Persephone, he pretty much whorshipped her and showered her with gifts. He truly loved her, she was his light and you can't tell me she hated it >___> give me a break!

I am sure you guys have more stories to add, so please, feel free to share your knowledge!

I hope you like it! Paintshop pro!
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