Askalaphos Picture

Yes, that's an owl. A very cranky mythological owl named Askalaphos. I'll let explain.

ASKALAPHOS (or Ascalaphus) was an underworld daimon (spirit) who managed the orchards of Haides. When he reported to the god that Persephone had tasted of the pomegranate seed, the angry Demeter buried him beneath a rock (perhaps in the form of a spotted lizard or askalabos, with which he also appears to have been associated). Later Herakles released him from this prison, but the goddess to then transformed him into a screech-owl (askalaphos). The screech-owl was regarded as the animal familiar of the god Haides just as the little owl (another species) was Athena's bird.

Heh heh, yeah. That pretty much explains why he's so cranky these days... He's Hades's sidekick of sorts, just kinda follows him around and whatnot. Call Askalaphos his pet and you're dead meat.

Divine Underground and this take on Askalaphos belong to ME.

~Madison and Cuddles
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