Broken Charm Pg34 Picture

Ok, so it's not exactly a grand finale for you to go a week Broken Charm-less, but here's why: If I drew all the gods standing there like I was gonna, I'd have to draw Amun. he's a human. And I can't draw him for crap. So I've gotta work on his design and get back to you on that. XP

Oh, and fyi, Fallen gets glowier, cuz (and I've explained this once before XP), the stronger her emotions the harsher the glow of her wings. So in the third panel she feels intense sadness, and on the fourth, she feels intense anger

All right. I don't want any "Poor Fallen" comments. If you do, you will be hung. No, but seriously, she doesn't want your pity. XP She wants you to go "All right, all right, we get it, she's emo. She cries too much, get ON with it." Or what ever else your thinking. Just..ANYTHING but "poor Fallen". And she ain't bein a cry baby btw D: She just woke up in a cell, no idea how she got there, sees these strange god things that she's been taught are evil and they call her a monster (fallen hates that word man...), then poof, then she sees her dad she thinks, oh yay! dad'll come and save me!, but instead he disowns her and tells her he will have her killed if she ever comes home. Well, what else is there to do than cry? XP

EDIT: Should say "them the satasfaction" not "The satasfactory" mmmmkay? XP It's not broken charm with out spelling mistakes now is it?

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