The River Styx Picture

The myths of the Greek God Hades were few, and his details rather uncontroversial. Alas, the myths of Hades the underworld, were many, and some claim the existence of up to five rivers surrounding Hades. In the Iliad, the river Styx is the only river of the underworld; in the Odyssey it is coupled with Cocytus and Pyriphlegethon, which flow into the chief river Acheron. The river Lethe made the shades of the underworld forget their former lives. But the river Styx was always the best known, and the most sacred. To the Gods, there was no oath more sacred than to swear by the river Styx. Some said the river was so foul that to drink of it brought instant death. Some said it bubbled with fire.

This river Styx served as a crossroads where the world of the living met the world of the dead, and the world of the mortal met the world of the immortal.Greek Mythology Gods, mortals, and great heroes and villains made their way across the river Styx. Some crossed the river many times, but for most, it was a one way trip.

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