OC. The Running Man Picture

Scene from the Emperor chapter of OrphiCity (the plot development flows through the archetypes of the tarot). This sort of plotline is mapped as a Pi spiral-sequence, beginning with Chapter 0 in The Fool (the longest scenic part of the story) and magnifying in intensity as the [hi] story spirals further into the center culminating in the last (?) chapter of The Trans-Worldly Universe (the shortest). The Uni-verse, the one word that began the story setting the orphic fool on his quest... for that word which he thought was lost to him, but was with him all the time... love. As within, so without... as below, and so above and beyond... the Uni-Verse is imagined into being... One-Love.

Anyway, in this scene our tragic hero is running from the inquisitory belief-system police force, the Myrmidons. He has been becoming acquainted with how the The City is structured and governed. The scales of conflict are becoming clear to him, and begins to choose courses of action... as the army ant Myrmidons close in on his heels.

In each scene there are (will be) elements (subtle and not so) that inform the viewer further into the angles of meaning perrtaining to what is going on. In this image, you can see I have some stuff scribbled on the posters for examples' sake, but are not what will be there in the final product as this sort of fine elaboration becomes clear to me as the
story does. The part of the concept here is that the archiTEXTure of civilization communicates certain corresponding knowledge unbeknownst to most of its denizens.

This one, along with the other OC images will be worked with further within the next year... so, critique and comment is especially appreciated.

Painter, Photoshop, watercolor, 9 hours
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