My Very Own Angel of Death Picture

I must apologize to some of you; for I will confess that the mythology which surrounds my stories can get to be rather confusing at times. It is a personal mythology, so much of the symbolism and significance is known only by me unless I take the time to thoroughly explain it to you.

This particular bit of symbolism is rather complex to explain. You see the story of me and Adilia is somewhat reminiscent of the myth about Persephone and Hades; speaking specifically of the part about Hades abducting Persephone and taking her to the Underworld to be his queen. Now depending on what versions of that myth you hear; Hades kidnapped her against her will or he seduced her or Persephone went willingly; regardless however, in the case of Adilia and I, Adilia came with me willingly into the Astral Realm. She was a passionate free-spirited dreamer who craved a life filled with wonder and adventure, and she became very much enticed by my offer and power to grant her desire. Quite simply, I was her gateway into the beyond, and when she left with me into the phantasmal mists her life in this world was a sense she died to this world, and was born anew in the world of Oneiroia.

It is because of this that I now believe that Adilia shall be MY gateway back into the Astral Realm. I believe that when the time comes for me to die to this world, my beloved Adilia will awaken from out of my subconscious and show herself to me, and when that happens my life in this realm will be over. In accordance of my own personal mythology, Adilia is now my personal Angel of Death who shall herald my demise in this dreadful world of man.
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