Tuonenlapset Picture

Edit: Contrast fixes and whatnot.

Oh look, more blue skin. I'm afraid you can never get rid of it in this gallery.

Adapted Finnish/Scandinavian mythology. In Tuonela, in the courts of Death, lives Tuoni's kin (Tuonen väki, Tuonenlapset). I drew them rather Drow-ish, because the whole Drow fiction obviously draws its inspiration from the parallel Norse myth of Svartálfar, black elves, who also dwell beneath the ground.
The giant's skull relates to a tale about the Jatulis, which were a race of giants that once inhabited the northern parts of Finland, but slowly faded into extinction or became Hiisi's folk.

I may edit this if there's something wonky. The first pic I circulated through Conceptart.Org's WIP board, and darn it I got some excellent advice there. XD
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