The Crossing Picture

The boat that takes you to the hazy lands of the afterlife... The country you never return from and where all is dark.

I use here Vella, the latest character by my Friend Stacy-Kaleya. As soon as I saw her Talisman textures for the Nightshade outfit by EvilInnocence, I got that idea to represent a scene that would be a variation on the mythological character Charon.

The difference is that Charon was not a woman... I wanted to represent the smuggler who leads people to the underworld with the necessary coins that all the passengers must give to be allowed to go on board.

In the background, the doors of the underworld, some very sharpened rocks. Beyond that limit begins the other world... I just placed a small light in the fog because there is almost no light where people are going. The kingdom of darkness...

A render for you, Stacy!

Image composed in Poser 7 and rendered in VUE 6 Pro Studio.

- At DAZ3D: V4.2; LM Feral Rage (bracer).
- Free: Holly hair by Lisbeth (once RMP newsletter freebie); Avalon Barge and staff (free at RDNA); current limited time freebie (coins) at Mostdigitalcreations.
- Coins textures by me.
- At RMP: Character (soon), Talisman for Nightshade, Savage for Feral Rage and Holly shades (free) by Kaleya; NightShade by EvilInnocence.
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