Elements Of Forbidden Fruit Picture

Elements Of Forbidden Fruit

I had created Eve a while back, and had planned to eventually go back and do Lillith and Pandora. Now that there's a 'doll maker' for all four Elements, it was easy, the results, the women of forbidden fruit.

We all know the story of Eve and the Apple (which is why the apple border, which I hunted down a single apple picture online and then pasted it all in first to line the picture). [link]

However, Eve is not the only woman attributed to this story. Lillith(and, yes I realize I spelled that wrong when I wrote it in the picture), according to Jewish Folklore was Adam's first wife, his wife before Eve, and she refused to submit to him, and invoked the real name of God in order to be moved away from him. It is believed that she later gave birth to all the demons of the world, and that she met with Cane as he fled to the land of Nod. She's often depicted with red hair. [link]

Pandora and Anesidora are basically the same person. According to Greek Mythology, Pandora was the first woman. Often mistranslated as 'Pandora's Box', she was given charge of a jar, which she was told not to open. However, human curiosity took over, and she opened it, releasing all the plauges and woes of the world, and when she finally shut the pithos, all that was left trapped inside it was Hope. In creating her, here, the snake, bat, clouds, and winds in her hand are symbolic of the troubles that escaped, while the rainbow is symbolic of the hope that was left trapped inside. Anesidora, here, is simply made to be a darker version of Pandora. [link]

And finally, Persephone and Proserpina, again, said to be the same woman. Persephone is probably whom they reffer to, when we recieve sunshowers, in the saying, "The Devil Is Beating His Wife Again." Persephone was a Greek goddess, daughter of Zeus and Demeter, goddess of Spring. The legend has it that Haties drug her to the underworld in attempt to woe her into marriage. However, Persephone refused to eat while there, for she was worried about the world above, as without her presence, winter had set in. After some time, she and Haties made an agreement that he would allow her to return to the world above, but only for half a year. As such, she spends six months on Earth, and six months in the underworld, hence the reason for the four seasons, rather than eternal spring. Proserpina is simply a nother representation of Spring, depicted as an Earth/Water Elemental, rather than just one or the other. [link]

The background I gave Eve, makes it feel as though she's still in the garden, while in contrast, however, Lillith's background is a burning forest. Without really thinking about it at the time, it's both sort of symbolic of humans being forced out of Paradise, as well as of the angel with the blades of fire that is supposed to be gaurding the entrance of the garden, preventing humans from reentering it.
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