Laran, Etruscan God of War Picture

This is Laran, Etruscan God of War.
He's like Ares in Greek mythology.

There's not many sources about Etruscan mythology, but what is known about Laran is that he was always portaited as a young naked man wearing a helmet and holding a spear.

I created this version of him for a comic story where he's looking for a monster who escaped from prison in the Underworld (I don't know where I got this conception that Laran, like Cerberus, keeps the gates of the Underworld) and kidnapped Turan, Etruscan goddess of Love and Laran's maiden.

Anyway, since my comics have been always intented for kids, I created this outfit for him.
I added sparkles to his mantle for this new attempt to feature him on another story.


Sparkle brushes; Obsidian Dawn: [link]
Skin brushes:
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