Redesigned: Hel Picture

I like Norse Mythology. I kind of like it even more than Greco-Roman (sorry, Percy. I love you, it's just your cycle that isn't always up to par). I especially like Loki's children. I've been wanting to do modern designs/stories for them for, like, ever. But...with my usual laziness, it hasn't really gotten much past the draft stage.

I drew this sketch for Hel quite awhile back; and only recently just finished. She would have to have her left side completely covered. And, she seems, to me, like she would be torn between morbid/depressed-gothic, and a desire for eye-searingly-bright-colors. So an indecisive punk/goth...thing she is.

Also, I think she would totally just let her hair and fashion-sense go. I sure do when I feel like her (haha, I drew this while in the throws of "the Winter Downs;" and looked every bit the horror
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