EIV Kotryn Picture

Escean Interstellar Vehicle Kotryn. Named after the God of Light in ancient Escean mythology, the EIV Kotryn is a retrofitted 'star-yacht' owned by the Guard's Battalion and crewed by Air Corps personnel. Daubed in civilian livery and registered to a shell corporation owned by the Escean government, the Kotryn retains all the luxuries of a spacecraft limited to passenger services and trillionaires, but hidden beneath the laquered hardwoods, chrome and carpets are the most sohpisticated electronics available to space-faring vessels. In addition to well-equipped staterooms the Kotryn has its own infirmary, observation deck, galley, dining hall and gymnasium, as well as a hangar for cargo or shuttlecraft/ground transports. Military and intelligence upgrades include a hidden weapons suite, armoury, laboratory and holding cells. Lifepods are fitted along the main fuselage as well as the upper observation area.

The Kotryn is capable of near-lightspeed in the home dimension, and FTL flight in the 'Underworld', a parallel dimension accessed via the various Dimensional Gates dotted around the Milky Way. A Dimensional Drive permits entry to this realm, powered by a Vespomide Nonagon (V-Non) reactor core. It also protects the ship and crew from the perils of spaceflight and transit through the Underworld by encasing it in an energy bubble, within which gravity can be adjusted to suit the needs of the species on board. Within planetary atmospheres the ship relies solely on its ion engines and is capable of achieving hypersonic speeds.

Kotryn was originally built at the Lunar Grimaldi Shipyards by Magellan Space, and repurposed within the Air Corps hangars at Whisper Peak. Her current captain is Delye col Gias'Tun, a Seqari Air Corps pilot.

Probably quite obvious what craft was the major influence for this, but like the paintjob (which ended up resembling Air Force One's), I didn't fully realise until I was well into the design, and I liked it to much to make a major alteration.

Could probably call it the 'Not-Quite-Normandy-SR2'
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