Five Sub-Species of Nymphs Picture

Tis is another one of my old drawings from over a year ago.
This depicts the five different types of nymphs in my world.
And just to give you the heads up, there are males in these five races because in my world all mortal races must have members of both sexes.
In my universe, nymphs are more integrated into the prospect of being a "nature spirit" rather than a drop-dead gorgeous, partially clothed babe with feyish features. My nymphs, depending on their element, have more elemental features in their physical appearance and genes, and even have poswers relating to their elements.

The green, leafy nymph at the bottom-left is a Dryad, a nymph who is spiritually bound to a tree. Each individual dryad is bound to one tree for the rest of his or her life and their skin, hair, and leaf colours, as well their branch texture take the characteristics of their trees. If a dryad's tree is cut down, the dryad bound to it will die. They can merge in and out of their trees and even have the ability to shift back and forth from the form of their trees to their human-like form. Being spirirts of wood, they have various special abilities realted to wood.

The blue nymph with the water foliage growing out of her hair is a Naiad, a nymph bound to bodies of fresh water. Each naiad is bound to a certain body of water and will die if the body of water it was born in dries up. Because they are mortal personificationss of the element of water, they have unique abilities like turning into liquid, steam, or bubbles, controling waves, and even have powers over snow and ice if they are in cold climates.

The grey nymph in the middle with the pateches of clustered pebbles over her forearms, shoulders, thighs, and calves is an Oread, a nymph bound to a mountain. Oreads are the stongest of all species of nymphs. They are naturally strong, even in childhood. Oreads, because they embody the element of earth/stone, their abilities include causing tremors, earthquakes, and erosions, and can manipulate rocks, boulders, soil, etc.

The whiteish nymph at the top left with the feathers in her hair is a Nepheliad, a nymph bound to the clouds. Nepehliads are based of the Nephelai of greek mytholohy. Nepheliads have the power to transform into gusts of wind, fog, and haze. They even have the power to create wind storms, gusts, tornadoes, and even cause hurricanes.

And last but not least, the Flamey nymph on the top right is a Lampad, a nymph bound to volcanoes and have the ability to manipulate flames, and molten fire. They are based on the Lampades in greek mythology who carried torches in the Underworld. They are naturally always luke warm, and their hair shimmers and flickers as if it was real fire.
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