Sons of Osiris Picture

Art history class sparked a dormant interest I had in Egyptian mythology. I read up on some of the stories, and decided to do my own take.

Osiris was lord of the underworld, and a really nice guy. His tendency to trust others bit him in the back, though, when he was killed by his brother: Set.

Set wanted to take the throne for himself, and got rid of the next in line (Osiris' son, Horus) by framing him for the king's murder. Horus was banished from the realm of the Gods and forced to live on Earth.

The only way for him to get back home and take down Set is to die having lived a just life. That means he can't just commit suicide, and he needs to perform some heroic deeds before his mortal body dies.

He takes to crime-fighting, and is aided by his half-brother, Anubis. Anubis willingly banished himself to help Horus get back, so that the two of them could take on Set together.

(Yes, I took a lot of liberties)
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