Hel Picture


In Norse mythology, Loki has a daughter by the name of Hel. (or Hela) She's sometimes described as having a body that's half black and half white... other times she's described as having half a regular woman's body and half that of a corpse!
Anyhoo, Odin and the other gods, being all judgemental about her looks, decide to banish her. They don't want to outright kill another god's kids and shit, ya know.
In a display of 'generosity', they give her the domain of the underworld, which is also is called 'Hel'. (Hmmm why does that name sound familiar? LOL)

I decided to give her a little different look... she's just bald and blind on one side, and she also wears her intenstines which is bound to catch on as a fashion trend one of these days.
Want to draw her in a better, more interesting pose one of these days. ^^
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